Taking It Slow | Advent Devotion

Taking It Slow | Advent Devotion

Taking It Slow

Daily Devotion for Advent 2019 | Sunday, December 8

After these days his wife Elizabeth conceived, and for five months she kept herself hidden, saying, “Thus the Lord has done for me in the days when He looked on me, to take away my reproach among people.”

Luke 1:24-25
Taking It Slow. Advent Devotion from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Joplin, Missouri. Call His Name Jesus.

“If a miracle ever happened to me, I’d be shouting it everywhere!” Ever hear someone say something like that to you?

But John’s conception and birth was different. It started with an angel announcing the miracle in private to a single man, John’s father-to-be. But when that man wouldn’t believe the angel, God struck him mute. No one would be hearing the story from him!

And then there was Elizabeth, John’s mother. Perhaps her husband managed to write the story down for her. Perhaps not! But when she realized she was pregnant, she kept herself hidden at home, away from people. She wasn’t telling the miracle story either! Why?

We don’t know, but we can guess. There is value sometimes in taking things slowly—in simply sitting still and watching God carry out His good promises. We don’t always have to be running, shouting, announcing what God is doing. There is a time for that; yes, but there is also a time for praying and thinking and rejoicing in the Lord. Elizabeth did that. Zechariah did that. We, too, can do that, as we look forward to the celebration of Jesus’ coming into the world.

During this Advent season, take the time to meditate on Jesus’ birth—on how God loved you and the whole world so much that He sent His own Son to become one of us, our Savior from death and evil. Think about the One who loves you and lay down His life for you on the cross—only to take it up again. Let that story seep in; let it become part of your very bones.

Then go, tell others the miraculous good news.

Lord, please let Your Holy Spirit help me to comprehend and believe what You have done to save me. Amen.

Reflect & Discuss

  1. Are you mostly a quiet person or a loud person? Why do you think so?
  2. How do the quiet times of your life help you?
  3. When you need God’s comfort and strength, what parts of the Bible—either stories or verses—do you think about?

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