NEXT Comfort Dog Campaign

NEXT Comfort Dog Campaign

Preparing For The Future: the NEXT Comfort Dog Campaign

Louie Comfort Dog laying next to a smiling Golden Retriever puppy. next comfort dog for joplin. learn more and give at immanueljoplin.com/comfortdogs

Since 2011, Immanuel Lutheran Church and Martin Luther School in Joplin have served our community with K-9 Comfort Dogs from Lutheran Church Charities. For more than eight years, our remaining Golden Retriever Louie has had a long and distinguished career, serving those who are suffering and in need at local schools, hospitals, nursing care facilities and beyond.

Learn more about Louie’s Comfort Dog work.

As Louie enters his senior years, and with the ministry’s recent loss of Jackson Comfort Dog, Louie needs help. To continue this important work, Immanuel has decided to move forward with the Next Comfort Dog for Joplin campaign.

  • Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs are chosen as puppies and expertly-trained for more than a year at the LCC Comfort Dog schools in Illinois and Nebraska.
  • More than 120 of these Golden Retrievers have been matched and placed in LCMS Lutheran churches and schools around the nation.
  • Demand is high for Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs — an 18-month waiting list for Comfort Dog placement.
  • After applying for the new dog, being approved by LCC, and making the $7500 down payment (fifty percent of the future Comfort Dog’s cost), the 18-month wait begins. At that time, congregations begin an extensive preparation and training process of their own.
  • Immanuel hopes to raise at least $7500 by December 1, so that we can get in line for Joplin’s Next Comfort Dog. Your help is needed and appreciated.

The Joplin Comfort Dog Team is operated by volunteers and funded by donations. We never ever charge the people we serve. 100% of donations received go toward the Joplin Comfort Dog work that we are called to do.

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Immanuel-Joplin’s Fundraising Progress

  • NEXT Comfort Dog for Joplin Campaign
  • Initial Goal: $7500 down payment by December 1, 2019
  • Final Goal: $15,000 (last $7500 on delivery after 18-month preparation period)
  • Amount Raised: $15,000 as of 10/20/2019
  • 100% of Initial Goal ($7500) Thank You!!!
  • 100% of Final Goal ($15,000) Hooray!!!
  • Tax-deductible donations to the NEXT Comfort Dog Campaign are being received through Givelify. Download their free app, give online, or you could send a gift in the mail.
  • Thank you for supporting the continued presence of Comfort Dogs in our community!
Tax-deductible donations can be mailed to:
Immanuel Comfort Dogs
2616 Connecticut Ave
Joplin, MO 64804

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