Church Leadership

david newberry. head elder. chief elder. Immanuel Lutheran Church LCMS. Joplin Missouri.

David Newberry

David Newberry is our Head Elder for the 2021-2022 term. David is a life-long member of Immanuel, and has enjoyed his time serving as an elder, as well as on several boards and committees over the years. He has been active in helping to keep our membership connected as we serve and reach out into our community. David works for Lowe’s of Joplin, and stays busy with several hobbies and interests. He is also dedicated to spending time with family…
bill ideker and michele ideker

Bill Ideker

Bill Ideker is our Congregation President for the 2021-2022 term. Born and raised in Joplin, he is a life-long member of Immanuel. Bill has served Immanuel in many ways over the years as an elder, in congregational leadership, and as a Bible Study teacher. Bill Ideker also currently serves on Immanuel’s Board of Elders. Recently retired, Bill most recently served as Vice President for O6 Environmental Services, an industrial general contracting firm, as well as many previous years at Eagle…