Healing His Enemies | Lent Devotion

Healing His Enemies | Lent Devotion

Healing His Enemies

Daily Devotion for Lent | Sunday, March 24

Healing His Enemies. Lent Devotion. People Of The Passion. Immanuel Lutheran Church. Joplin, Missouri.

“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you …”

Luke 6:27

Just a man, rubbing his ear now and then. I suspect that’s what we would have seen if we could have visited the high priest’s house during the weeks after Easter. The man was a servant, and his action would probably go unnoticed. What could be less important? But to the man, it was probably the most important thing in his life.

Malchus worked for the high priest, and somehow he ended up in the crowd of people sent to arrest Jesus. It must have been a motley crew, with torches and swords and clubs. Some were soldiers, but not all. And in the middle of them, Malchus.

Opposite them in the garden, what? A group of scared men who had just woken up. A rabbi with a reputation as a healer. And one frightened fisherman with a sword, swinging wildly, trying to protect his master from the enemies who had come to arrest Him.

Searing pain. An ear lying on the ground. And then Jesus, stooping forward to heal one last person before His death less than twenty-four hours later. Healing His enemy.

Because that’s what Jesus does, isn’t it? He heals His enemies. He makes us whole again. He reaches out in compassion and deals with our wounds, making us the way God intended us to be. And He changes us from enemies to beloved children.

Did Malchus end up in the Christian faith? It seems likely. The apostle John knew his name, after all. But what’s certain is that you and I have been called to Jesus. He knows our names, and He heals our wounds. Let us stay with Him forever.


Dear Lord, thank You for healing me and making me Your own, though I was once Your enemy. Keep me close to You. Amen.


  • Did you ever get caught up in a bad situation? When?
  • How do you deal with your enemies?
  • When has God done something good for you that you did not expect?

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