Comfort Dogs At The Seminary

Comfort Dogs At The Seminary

Regional Comfort Dog Conference

Concordia Seminary in St. Louis | Saturday, April 14, 2018

louie comfort dog jackson LCC st louis seminary regional conference
Can you find Louie Comfort Dog and Jackson Comfort Dog? Hint: We’re kinda in the middle.

There were Comfort Dogs at the Seminary! Louie, Jackson, and their handlers had a great time at the bi-yearly Regional Comfort Dog Conference in St. Louis this past weekend! Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog teams from all around Missouri, southern Illinois and Tennessee gathered to worship, learn, network and connect. More than 70 people and their various Comfort Dogs came to the campus of Concordia Seminary for the day. What fun!

Comfort Dog Regional Conferences were happening all around the United States too. Each region watched a video message from our national headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois near Chicago. The St. Louis group had a learning session with master dog trainer, Alex Brooks. Our teams attended other sectionals that focused on Bible study and Comfort Dog deployments too. We also had play time together in the Seminary quad and got to meet many seminary students and their families!

As always, God watches over Team Joplin. On the way home, our church van had a flat tire, but we were able to get pulled over safely and get everything taken care of. We are so thankful that the tire didn’t blow out and cause an accident. With the gash in the tire tread they found, the folks at the tire shop were surprised that we were able to pull over safely. God is so good.

Jackson and Louie took a day off on Sunday after their travels, but are back to work on Monday, comforting and caring for people back home in Joplin. We hope to see you around town or hear from you soon… Woof!

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