Weather Threatens. Be Careful Out There, Immanuel!

Weather Threatens. Be Careful Out There, Immanuel!

Weather Threatens On This Mid-Week Evening

Be careful out there, Immanuel! Weather threatens. As the 4:00 pm service drew to a close this evening, we could tell that the weather was declining. Folks are quickly eating soup in the Fellowship Hall before warming up their cars to head home. (The chicken noodle and potato soups are wonderful, by the way.) Scraping the windshield will be necessary for anyone who parks their vehicle for any length of time this evening. So far, streets are holding up, but precipitation continues to fall as temperatures drop.

Weather Threatens. We still plan to have the 7:00 pm service for the hearty few who make their way to church this evening, though bell choir and adult choir have canceled their rehearsals.

Please be careful! Use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to venture out. It is slick out there! We plan to post the 4:00 pm sermon online at shortly. As always, you can discover the latest closings and cancellations on the “crawl” at the bottom of any local Joplin television broadcast.

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