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Pentecost 17 bulletin cover. The baptism of John, from where did it come? Matthew 21. Immanuel Lutheran Church LCMS. Joplin, Missouri.

Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost | September 27, 2020

Worship Service for Pentecost 17 Rev. Gregory Mech | September 27, 2020 | Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost | Immanuel Lutheran Church ONLINE and IN-PERSON – Joplin, Missouri | 8:00 and 10:30 am Still Wearing Face Masks, Some Classes and On-Campus Activities Have Returned | In-Person Services and Holy Communion are back! Limited Seating. Learn more. Use these Easy Devotions and Daily Scripture Readings with your family! Taking Faith Home. Thank you for supporting Immanuel Lutheran financially. Learn more at immanueljoplin.com/GIVE.…